icy spheres

Today the torch isn’t lit, I am prepping kiln shelves and mandrels, and will try to get some fusing in later today…

Ice Spheres.

4 thoughts on “icy spheres

  1. Oh! Your work is so beautiful. More! More! I just happened on your site while googling for a diary collector who used to do business under “The Recorded Life” and the google turned up the phrase in your blog next to a reference to Pink Martini. An acquaintance is in that band, so I decided to see what your blog said … and now I’ve discovered your work.

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful work. Are you a jeweler or jewelry artist, then, too? Do you sell your beads to other jewelry artists?

  2. Yes. I make jewelry as well, and I do sell my beads. Right now most of my selling is done on justbeads.com, but I do take direct orders as well. I love glass, and spend a lot of time fretting over what to do with it. Lampwork, fuse, plates, beads, make a bracelet? Too much good stuff!

    I have such a crush on Gavin Bondy,the trumpet player. I try to see them play whenever I can, they are a fabulously talented group of people!

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