I will be hiding most of the day downstairs. But I need to get some honey ice cream started. I made a bunch of beads recently, and took photos this morning so there will be more glass porn soon! =)

Last week was my birthday, and it was a lot of fun going camping with DLJ. We swam in a river, hiked, read books, and had good camping food. I hope we manage to go again this year before Fall, but August is SO crazy. I don’t even know if I can handle all that I signed up for. There’s a block party, 4 days away at Glass Stock on the coast, and then starting to rev up for Thomas’ fall tour…and more glass and beads, and DLJ has to go away to Bend, OR, overnight and wants to visit family at the end of the month of August…he is also gone next week doing Filemaker training. I might go to a party at the Portland Japanese Garden by myself while he is gone.

SO BUSY. Phew.

One thing at a time. Right now, that’s making honey ice cream. Here I go.

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