At the coast.

I just went through a bunch of photos with Mom, what to pick, what to throw away.

Nostalgia for being a little kid. I don’t even remember the photos, I am so little, but they are little rectangles of innocence. I seemed to be drawn towards the fall photos. Even the blurry background leaves look like paintings. Life is good…I don’t know why old pics make me… I don’t know. Wish for time to go backwards for a little while. I think it is a feeling of just wanting things to slow down. And I don’t need to be a little kid for that…I know just as a kid, time is already slow compared to when you get older. It’s effortless.

New beads. Look like a 60’s wall painting to me.

60’s Rec Room

WordPress hiccuped

I updated my version of wordpress and my database today here at, and it caused the rss to repop out again over at my live journal feed. EW!

Annoying. Sorry for anyone affected, am going to send it in as a bug question because that’s not cool, yo.

In other news, today sucks. I will write more about it in a few days, maybe.


Ok, not really, but it feels like it. I have so much on my plate. One step at a time.

*big breath*

I got my second article into The Annealer Magazine for editing, so that’s done.
I finished a large commission today, a necklace and bracelet that are full of beads all the way around. Phew! I will have pictures soon.

My contest entry at Etsy is completed, photographed, posted.

My entry into the e-merge contest at Bullseye is completed and submitted.

I’ve started booking flights for the first week of the Dolby tour in Sept.

I had a mild crisis of sorts yesterday, so much to do and not wanting to deal with it all. The tour will eat up so much time. I know I will have fun and get paid and such but I will miss DLJ, miss the cats, miss the torch, and now, miss time to create inventory for…..

The 2007 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, which is also an incredibly LARGE bead show. I have been invited to be there as an exhibitor. Since I made a rule with myself to try to only participate in things that are juried, I accepted. I didn’t apply, they found me.

This far, out, I do have time to make inventory, but all of Nov. will be gone, and half Dec. Prime bead making time. I just have to suck it up and keep moving. But it kind of drives me crazy when I think of all the work involved with everything I have my hands in, at once. While still trying to be a good wife.

I have a small glass show tomorrow. I am supposed to do one mid-Sept. but I think I have to let it go if I want to stay sane. I will take care of that today. I also need to mail off the above necklace and bracelet and ship something to Japan. Japan! That’s the other thing. My stuff will be sold in Japan through an online department store of sorts. A Japanese version of is being built. So there’s THAT, too.

*pant, pant pant*


Nevermind. Look at the pretties, erase my brain.



I am applying to my first art contest today. It’s taking awhile, with the photos, the descriptions, the uploading, the optimizing. Maybe it’s so time consuming lots of other people will not apply! HAHA.
Doubtful. I don’t know if I have much of a chance, though this is a contest for beginner to intermediates…so I hope to have a real chance here, especially since within that qualification there is the “newcomer” section, which I also fit into, though this is the last year that I will, in terms of time spent in the glass discipline.

I have coffee with chocolate soy milk, and a few more photos to take. Then I will clean the house and start working on at least one other project, or two. One is a commission, the other is for another contest.
The days go by so fast for me. Everyday when I wake up I lay there and try to sort out my day, what to do when. There is always so much to do. Any illusions I had about lazy mornings with coffee in the garden or reading books in the shade are pretty much gone. =) Not that I had them, really. I knew I would treat each weekday like a regular workday, which they are. But at this rate I won’t get through the Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell book by the time it is due back, let alone Pride and Prejudice which is still just riding around in the back of my car.

Glass update.

It’s Monday. I got some auctions up on Justbeads, organic looking type beads that are super fun to make

Sand Pillows

Rhubarb Spins

My first article is up at The Annealer Magazine. Check it out, it will be a monthly column!

It’s hot today. I had both kilns going one with a second firing on an art piece, and the bead kiln. I have to make some earrings tonight to take to the roastery tomorrow.

YES! I got in a store. It’s a small one, and only for a month, but if you find yourself on the Oregon Coast, check out Big Mountain Coffee Company, and see the display of my jewelry for sale!

I’m going to get a mailing list going for beads going on auction.

I will mail an email out the night before a set goes up, giving my customers first crack at a set before they are released to the wilds of

If you are interested in being on that list, just email me (email is on the contact page) at That’s beyond the montly newsletter which I have to send out this week with a contest item, as promised. Folks on my newsletter get automatically entered, dontchaknow.

In other news, I talked to Thomas today, and I will be going on tour in the fall with him. Having survived the Spring tour, I think this one will go way more smoothly. Mostly November and December, I will sure miss DLJ during that time…but I will keep my auctions going from the road!

The Annealer Magazine

I have a monthly column now in Annealer Magazine. It’s an online magazine with a biannual printed version. It should be fun to write for, and the first article is out. Enjoy!.
I am glass BUSY. An order went out today, another is awating payment, and another is completed and has to be delivered. I also have a plate going for a contest, it needs two more days of firing. With friends here this will be hard, and the deadline is next week, but I will figure out a way.
Three more auctions will go online by Monday, two are due to end today and tomorrow.
Speaking of, I have to go post those in the usual spots since they are ending soon.

More later. So busy!