I am applying to my first art contest today. It’s taking awhile, with the photos, the descriptions, the uploading, the optimizing. Maybe it’s so time consuming lots of other people will not apply! HAHA.
Doubtful. I don’t know if I have much of a chance, though this is a contest for beginner to intermediates…so I hope to have a real chance here, especially since within that qualification there is the “newcomer” section, which I also fit into, though this is the last year that I will, in terms of time spent in the glass discipline.

I have coffee with chocolate soy milk, and a few more photos to take. Then I will clean the house and start working on at least one other project, or two. One is a commission, the other is for another contest.
The days go by so fast for me. Everyday when I wake up I lay there and try to sort out my day, what to do when. There is always so much to do. Any illusions I had about lazy mornings with coffee in the garden or reading books in the shade are pretty much gone. =) Not that I had them, really. I knew I would treat each weekday like a regular workday, which they are. But at this rate I won’t get through the Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell book by the time it is due back, let alone Pride and Prejudice which is still just riding around in the back of my car.

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