At the coast.

I just went through a bunch of photos with Mom, what to pick, what to throw away.

Nostalgia for being a little kid. I don’t even remember the photos, I am so little, but they are little rectangles of innocence. I seemed to be drawn towards the fall photos. Even the blurry background leaves look like paintings. Life is good…I don’t know why old pics make me… I don’t know. Wish for time to go backwards for a little while. I think it is a feeling of just wanting things to slow down. And I don’t need to be a little kid for that…I know just as a kid, time is already slow compared to when you get older. It’s effortless.

New beads. Look like a 60’s wall painting to me.

60’s Rec Room

2 thoughts on “At the coast.

  1. Before I even read “60’s wall painting,” those beads showed up in the periphery before finishing reading your post. I thought, “Twiggy!”

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