The Annealer Magazine

I have a monthly column now in Annealer Magazine. It’s an online magazine with a biannual printed version. It should be fun to write for, and the first article is out. Enjoy!.
I am glass BUSY. An order went out today, another is awating payment, and another is completed and has to be delivered. I also have a plate going for a contest, it needs two more days of firing. With friends here this will be hard, and the deadline is next week, but I will figure out a way.
Three more auctions will go online by Monday, two are due to end today and tomorrow.
Speaking of, I have to go post those in the usual spots since they are ending soon.

More later. So busy!

3 thoughts on “The Annealer Magazine

  1. Congratulations on the column! It’s so neat to see creative people strong and adventurous enough to take that big leap of faith and follow real passion. I really admire that.

  2. I will admit to reading the column, and feeling ever so slightly jealous :)

    I’m caught in the “I am the plodder, and I must make the money” mire, and am pretty much shackled to it – especially with children on the horizon.

  3. We aren’t adverse to children either…better to do the legwork now to get things going before such things enter life…I hope!

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