Happy Anniversary

Today is DLJ and my 6th wedding anniversary. That means we have been together about 8 years total! So long…but it has gone by so quickly.

We will go for a bicycle ride today and then out to a nice dinner tonight. Tomorrow we both get up early and he takes me to the airport for my Dolby Mini Tour. It’s just four gigs and I will be back home next Saturday. I am nervous about flying but just trying to stay positive about it. It will be good to see my east coast friends, drive right by my college (meeeeemories,nostaaaaaaalgia) and watch Thomas perform.

When I get home, we have a trip to the coast so I can restock my stuff at the coffee roastery and I will make a bracelet for a client (g.l. the leather way of doing things should make it snug enough that it won’t move around, hard without an exact measurement, but we can work at it till it works! =)

And make more beads. And try to make a marble that doesn’t fall on me or the ground.

It’s very lovely and sunny today. So soon we will have that ride and enjoy our anniversary together.

I haven’t put up beads for awhile. I have been making a LOT for the show in Tucson…but not so good with the photos. Let’s see…

this is not the best photo….I love these beads but they are very wierd. I could make them all day but…honestly, would they sell? ;)



A large cement mixer has shown up next door, where the neighbor is installing a new driveway. At our block party, we played cribbage and he encouraged me to ask him to play again. I have wanted to but actually feel thwarted by the rebar, gravel and men with tools to cross the moat of the developing driveway. Also, their cars have not been around at all so I don’t know if they are even here.

Next week is the one-week Dolby mini tour. A lot of flying for less than a week away, but I’ll do it, by gum. I wish teleportation was figured out, I do not know why flying bothers me so,but it does and I dislike that almost as much as I dislike planes. I’m going on tour with Thomas Dolby! How cool is that? Instead I just wish for the wheels to be touched down back in Portland already, and that is no way to really live a life.

I redid juiceglass.com and it needs some more tweaking, some old pages still need to get into the new format. But it’s looking better. I started a small blog over there, too, there is nothing in it yet. I have too many blogs. But these days it is a good market tool to have one…so I will try to write twice a week in there strictly about my art.

Today I have a letter to write, two orders to get in the mail, a draft of a letter to a store that wants to carry my beads and consign my jewelry, and of course, time in the studio. I will get dinner going in a crockpot around 11, and I need to start getting a nice itinerary done for the tour for the crew. That’s enough for a day, don’t  you think? I should clean my bathroom as well.

Sake’d out.

Yesterday’s trip to the sake brewery was a good time. We tasted six different sakes and a mixed drink, then went to the brewing section and looked in a giant tank with 4,000 gallons of bubbling white goo. DLJ and I bought four bottles to bring home. We liked the pearl (unfiltered) and the regular silver sake best. They had fruit infused ones but…they were good, but I am boring with my sake, maybe. I just like…sake. =)

This company is the only American owned and operated sake brewery in America, and it is really good, with lots of medals from contests and very informative staff. We will be sure to buy from them again!

The sake tasting party then all went to a Thai place for dinner. There were seven of us. Much fun and mango sticky rice was had. Then DLJ and I came home very tired and watched some “Ghost in the Shell.”

Today I am going to clean the bedroom, change the sheets, make some more beads, go food shopping and then get ready for two friends to come over for homemade pizzas on the grill for dinner.

Here’s a bead I made with two accessory beads, I am wondering if I should flesh it out to a larger set to sell.

Fall Lustre

Galaxy Beads

It’s about time Luny started making moons.

Here’s two beads, one 1.25″ lentil and one regular round bead, smaller, from two angles.

Another bead has a front with a moon like above…
…but the back has a STAR! (ok, a violet cubic zirconia…:p )

This afternoon we are off with friends to a sake tasting at a new by sake brewery. Yes!


It’s been a good day today. Back from my four day glass workshop at the coast and I am rarin’ to go. I made a few beads today, a small galactic set, a bowler as a custom order, and some foolin’ around. I attempted a marble and dropped it off the punty to the floor. Oh well!

I also joined the Oregon Glass Guild today. And bought groceries. And sold a set of beads. Email was out half the day and that was quite annoying. I also researched PMC, based on a project I thought of two weeks ago. I have never used it before, but what I want to do is not that intricate…I could even do it with large enough silver wire…we shall see.

It’s good to be home from the coast and back with DLJ. I missed him. But I like missing him. It’s good to have a little time apart. The tour will be a long time apart, but hopefully he will come to at least one show on the road.

Well, time to start thinking about making dinner with the groceries I bought. I and there’s a load of laundry to go into the dryer…

braaaaaaaaaaain drain

My head is so tired. I am learning so much. I made beads that are HUGE. HUGE for me. Really cool organics and a lot of fun using a glass I don’t  normally use. I cannot wait to get my paperweight ground and finished. It was so fun, at the bench, rolling the glass along the table to cover it in colors, putting it back in the glory hole. We had Aerosmith while we were going and it was like watching the Chihuly videos, when someone dropped a piece in the waiting, gloved hands of the assistant, who then ran it off to the kiln, everyone applauded. It was excellent fun and I will be doing that again, yesirree in the nearish future.

This afternoon is my break, we all get one period off so I am back at the condo, I might even nap before tonights’ Pyjama Jam and glass hat contest…one more day tomorrow, and I am sad and glad. My brain cannot take much more expansion right now. I think a swim, a hot tub and maybe a nap.