braaaaaaaaaaain drain

My head is so tired. I am learning so much. I made beads that are HUGE. HUGE for me. Really cool organics and a lot of fun using a glass I don’t  normally use. I cannot wait to get my paperweight ground and finished. It was so fun, at the bench, rolling the glass along the table to cover it in colors, putting it back in the glory hole. We had Aerosmith while we were going and it was like watching the Chihuly videos, when someone dropped a piece in the waiting, gloved hands of the assistant, who then ran it off to the kiln, everyone applauded. It was excellent fun and I will be doing that again, yesirree in the nearish future.

This afternoon is my break, we all get one period off so I am back at the condo, I might even nap before tonights’ Pyjama Jam and glass hat contest…one more day tomorrow, and I am sad and glad. My brain cannot take much more expansion right now. I think a swim, a hot tub and maybe a nap.

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