A large cement mixer has shown up next door, where the neighbor is installing a new driveway. At our block party, we played cribbage and he encouraged me to ask him to play again. I have wanted to but actually feel thwarted by the rebar, gravel and men with tools to cross the moat of the developing driveway. Also, their cars have not been around at all so I don’t know if they are even here.

Next week is the one-week Dolby mini tour. A lot of flying for less than a week away, but I’ll do it, by gum. I wish teleportation was figured out, I do not know why flying bothers me so,but it does and I dislike that almost as much as I dislike planes. I’m going on tour with Thomas Dolby! How cool is that? Instead I just wish for the wheels to be touched down back in Portland already, and that is no way to really live a life.

I redid and it needs some more tweaking, some old pages still need to get into the new format. But it’s looking better. I started a small blog over there, too, there is nothing in it yet. I have too many blogs. But these days it is a good market tool to have one…so I will try to write twice a week in there strictly about my art.

Today I have a letter to write, two orders to get in the mail, a draft of a letter to a store that wants to carry my beads and consign my jewelry, and of course, time in the studio. I will get dinner going in a crockpot around 11, and I need to start getting a nice itinerary done for the tour for the crew. That’s enough for a day, don’t  you think? I should clean my bathroom as well.

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