Happy Anniversary

Today is DLJ and my 6th wedding anniversary. That means we have been together about 8 years total! So long…but it has gone by so quickly.

We will go for a bicycle ride today and then out to a nice dinner tonight. Tomorrow we both get up early and he takes me to the airport for my Dolby Mini Tour. It’s just four gigs and I will be back home next Saturday. I am nervous about flying but just trying to stay positive about it. It will be good to see my east coast friends, drive right by my college (meeeeemories,nostaaaaaaalgia) and watch Thomas perform.

When I get home, we have a trip to the coast so I can restock my stuff at the coffee roastery and I will make a bracelet for a client (g.l. the leather way of doing things should make it snug enough that it won’t move around, hard without an exact measurement, but we can work at it till it works! =)

And make more beads. And try to make a marble that doesn’t fall on me or the ground.

It’s very lovely and sunny today. So soon we will have that ride and enjoy our anniversary together.

I haven’t put up beads for awhile. I have been making a LOT for the show in Tucson…but not so good with the photos. Let’s see…

this is not the best photo….I love these beads but they are very wierd. I could make them all day but…honestly, would they sell? ;)


4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

  1. happy anniversary! thanks for the note about the bracelet.

    yes, the grey… thingies will sell — at the hp lovecraft film festival october 6, 7 & 8 at the hollywood theatre! :)

  2. You know, I’ve come back to look at these beads a few times. I think what appeals to me about them is that they remind of the edge of the ocean when the tide is coming in and the surf is very active. That swirling of water when it changes from blues to browns, with sand and glittering specks caught up in the flow… it also reminds me of the fast-moving spring water of the Mississippi when I was a kid. (Can you tell the beads fascinate me?)

    And Happy Anniversary a bit late! Hope it was a lovely day. Welcome home. :-)

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