It’s been a good day today. Back from my four day glass workshop at the coast and I am rarin’ to go. I made a few beads today, a small galactic set, a bowler as a custom order, and some foolin’ around. I attempted a marble and dropped it off the punty to the floor. Oh well!

I also joined the Oregon Glass Guild today. And bought groceries. And sold a set of beads. Email was out half the day and that was quite annoying. I also researched PMC, based on a project I thought of two weeks ago. I have never used it before, but what I want to do is not that intricate…I could even do it with large enough silver wire…we shall see.

It’s good to be home from the coast and back with DLJ. I missed him. But I like missing him. It’s good to have a little time apart. The tour will be a long time apart, but hopefully he will come to at least one show on the road.

Well, time to start thinking about making dinner with the groceries I bought. I and there’s a load of laundry to go into the dryer…

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