Sake’d out.

Yesterday’s trip to the sake brewery was a good time. We tasted six different sakes and a mixed drink, then went to the brewing section and looked in a giant tank with 4,000 gallons of bubbling white goo. DLJ and I bought four bottles to bring home. We liked the pearl (unfiltered) and the regular silver sake best. They had fruit infused ones but…they were good, but I am boring with my sake, maybe. I just like…sake. =)

This company is the only American owned and operated sake brewery in America, and it is really good, with lots of medals from contests and very informative staff. We will be sure to buy from them again!

The sake tasting party then all went to a Thai place for dinner. There were seven of us. Much fun and mango sticky rice was had. Then DLJ and I came home very tired and watched some “Ghost in the Shell.”

Today I am going to clean the bedroom, change the sheets, make some more beads, go food shopping and then get ready for two friends to come over for homemade pizzas on the grill for dinner.

Here’s a bead I made with two accessory beads, I am wondering if I should flesh it out to a larger set to sell.

Fall Lustre

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