Fall Sun

DLJ and I just got back from a walk while the weather is still nice. Fall is here and I notice the leaves on the trees while I can, for soon they will all be brown, crinkly, and on the ground. Gravity always wins.

Tonight Thomas has a show at the Exotic Erotic Ball in San Francisco. I opted not to go, it’s a local show for him, they don’t need me to manage at one gig. So no Flava Flav or porn stars for me. Instead, leftovers for dinner, tea, and waiting VERY impatiently for the kiln to be done with today’s batch….I am very eager to see how I did.

I made this one yesterday. The bottom is screwy, so I can’t sell it, but I can use it on a pendant for myself. I LOVE the bubble, and the crazy colors behind it on the lower right.

I need to clean the carpets, and will,but it so nice out right now…maybe tea a little early, and sitting in the sun.

Yesterday a jewelry client came by for a resize of a bracelet. I love seeing folks in person and talking to them. One thing I really do love about art is the connections it can be, fleeting or longlasting.

Galaxy Blue

I want to make more like this, today instead I was fusing a comissioned piece and trying to fix some fires…now the piece is cooling, the fires are merely smoking….but it’s too late so tomorrow….

Galaxy Blue

Electron is a pure abstraction.

This morning I have been chatting with my college roomate from freshman year. We chat most days, actually, but today she brought me back to the past, a forgotten past. She went home to her mother’s and picked up a book we read in a class we took together, an English class on Science Fiction. The book is Canticle for Leibowitz. Inside it was a note we passed back and forth in class. I have no recollection of writing it. She shared two bits:

C: “Electron is a pure abstraction. HOW DEEP. Lunesse gasps in awe.”

C is me. I have no idea…is there an Electron character in that book? This also dates how long I have used the name Lunesse online. I took this class in 1992/1993. By then I was on the internet with my persona already, though at the time she was a wizard slaying monsters on a MUD. That’s where she was born.

A: “Well you know… this is the same class in which one of our loser peers enlightened us to the fact: ‘writing in present tense would just be stupid.’ Panick’s brains leak out of her head and swirl down a drain.

That’s her. I have no idea who our loser peer is, or why writing in future tense would be stupid. Panick was her first online character, a thief. We spent hours playing muds while on the phone at the same time for optimum communication in battle.

I wish I remembered that moment… a short period of time. I love my college so much…and hold on to so much of it…but in a way…it’s nice there are moments that are gone even when right in front of me. Lost time, so delicious when read about even, if not completely regained.

I do not remember the book at all. Maybe I will have to try again. Books are infinitely more entertaining and interesting the moment they are no longer ‘homework.’


Every day before I get up I lie in bed and think about the day’s tasks. Today’s list got  huge somehow, creeping up on my like a quiet snake and rearing a cobra head before I even heard it approach. After putting gas in the Element, today I will:

Plan meals for the week
Go to the office supply store for more envelopes
Go to the hardware store
Go to the bank
Go to the library
Go to the grocery
Go to the pet food store
Wash the car (dusty from the weekend trip out to the Dalles we just came back from, more on that later)
Price out all my pieces and beads to go to the store in Aurora tomorrow
Write out my final contract for store
Send out packages once I have more envelopes
Make dinner
Fire some pieces in the kiln

How did that happen to my day? More than 5 things a day isn’t good, burnout, forgetfulness….can I count all those errands as one thing, errands? ;) Having all those errands at once is a good thing, really, in terms of gas consumption and streamlining car use and energy, but it’s a long list when I look at it on paper! I will probably leave as soon as I can after DLJ, starting with the grocery as I know it’s open earlier than most. I’ll bring a book and hang out in a car for a little if I have to wait for the next store on my list to open.

Sunday Evening….

Books, Papa Murphy’s pizza (we didn’t think ahead and take out some of my frozen homemade dough) and tea. A cosy night.

I’m on Advil for womanly cramps so I don’t know how my arm is doing. Tomorrow I will torch sans pain blockers and see.

I had a lovely time at brunch today with some local women, we go out to eat every now and then. Then a friend from Livejournal came over and she made her first beads. I have never tried to teach anyone to lampwork before…I hope I did well. She had fun, but I hope I imparted information that was helpful.

This weekend is our Halloween getaway with 20+ friends here. Last year I did this and was reading The Tightwad Gazette and dreaming of my job ending. Here I am a year later. The question “what do you do?” is no longer “web designer.” Now it’s “Glass artist and Tour Manager/Whatever is Needed for Thomas Dolby.”

The deal with the universe is going as planned. I make WAY less money than I did a year ago. But all that living I have done in this year! The money thing is tough and it will get tougher before it gets easier. DLJ is so wonderful to support me in all this.

So with Halloween being THIS coming weekend for me, I must work on that costume. That means a trip to used clothing stores and the like this week.

Righty tighty.

I’ve been having issues with my right arm. From discussions with others, it sounds like Tennis Elbow, sort of. But its also up in my forearm. I thought it was lampworking, now I am not so sure. When I sleep, I curl up, all the way to my hands. My wrists bend in and I curl my hands towards my arms. My massage therapist told me to try to open up, but it is VERY hard. I have a body pillow I do not sleep with, DLJ and I share a queen bed and with three cats….well, it’s already crowded. But I might try tonight if I can make it work, something to distract my hands from curling inwards. It hurts all the time to extend my arm out straight…not good. Opening jars is hard.

Yet I press on, because I must.

Golden Wheat

I leave Thursday for Boulder. Some of the airlines I am on have a place to donate money to offset ecological impacts of flying, but not all my flights do that. Is there a general place to do this for all flights? A way to give money to offset all this flying?

I feel hesitant about all the gas used in the tour bus as well, this December…but it will carry a bunch of us around at least….it sleeps 12.

Hump Day

It’s going to be a busy one. I have already been in the studio this morning, making some yummy stuff, I hope!

I have my massage in an hour, then it’s dropping off videos, farmer’s market, and going to a local nursery. Since we think the main reason for the leaks is the chopped down tree between my house and a neighbor, therefore allowing all that runoff to go to my home, DLJ and I want to replant something over there to take up water in roots. Something that can take the water, a lot of it…but can also handle dry periods, as we don’t really use that side of the house and having to tend it is not the most efficient thing.

Also, dinner has to be made, and I need to work on a spread sheet for TD tour work. And drop of a check at a friend’s.

Blurry bizzy!

It’s good to be back in the studio. I need to get some jewelry made, and get some auctions going again. Going on tour kind of jarred the rhythm of it all…but I’m back and need to get kickin’. It’s hard to sort the glass…make it for auction, make it for bead show in Feb? Make it for store in Oregon that wants to buy wholesale? Dizzyfying. Anyway. Good to be home and I just need to get a schedule going with all the projects. Today when I finish errands I will likely lay out some glass coasters I need to make for a store in Illinois.