Every day before I get up I lie in bed and think about the day’s tasks. Today’s list got  huge somehow, creeping up on my like a quiet snake and rearing a cobra head before I even heard it approach. After putting gas in the Element, today I will:

Plan meals for the week
Go to the office supply store for more envelopes
Go to the hardware store
Go to the bank
Go to the library
Go to the grocery
Go to the pet food store
Wash the car (dusty from the weekend trip out to the Dalles we just came back from, more on that later)
Price out all my pieces and beads to go to the store in Aurora tomorrow
Write out my final contract for store
Send out packages once I have more envelopes
Make dinner
Fire some pieces in the kiln

How did that happen to my day? More than 5 things a day isn’t good, burnout, forgetfulness….can I count all those errands as one thing, errands? ;) Having all those errands at once is a good thing, really, in terms of gas consumption and streamlining car use and energy, but it’s a long list when I look at it on paper! I will probably leave as soon as I can after DLJ, starting with the grocery as I know it’s open earlier than most. I’ll bring a book and hang out in a car for a little if I have to wait for the next store on my list to open.

2 thoughts on “Errands.

  1. I’ve started making all sorts of little lists of Things I Need To Do… and then I never quite get them done. I continually find crumpled bits of blue paper in my pockets with goals ridiculously unachievable in a single day. Maybe I need smaller note paper…

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