Fall Sun

DLJ and I just got back from a walk while the weather is still nice. Fall is here and I notice the leaves on the trees while I can, for soon they will all be brown, crinkly, and on the ground. Gravity always wins.

Tonight Thomas has a show at the Exotic Erotic Ball in San Francisco. I opted not to go, it’s a local show for him, they don’t need me to manage at one gig. So no Flava Flav or porn stars for me. Instead, leftovers for dinner, tea, and waiting VERY impatiently for the kiln to be done with today’s batch….I am very eager to see how I did.

I made this one yesterday. The bottom is screwy, so I can’t sell it, but I can use it on a pendant for myself. I LOVE the bubble, and the crazy colors behind it on the lower right.

I need to clean the carpets, and will,but it so nice out right now…maybe tea a little early, and sitting in the sun.

Yesterday a jewelry client came by for a resize of a bracelet. I love seeing folks in person and talking to them. One thing I really do love about art is the connections it can be, fleeting or longlasting.

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