Hump Day

It’s going to be a busy one. I have already been in the studio this morning, making some yummy stuff, I hope!

I have my massage in an hour, then it’s dropping off videos, farmer’s market, and going to a local nursery. Since we think the main reason for the leaks is the chopped down tree between my house and a neighbor, therefore allowing all that runoff to go to my home, DLJ and I want to replant something over there to take up water in roots. Something that can take the water, a lot of it…but can also handle dry periods, as we don’t really use that side of the house and having to tend it is not the most efficient thing.

Also, dinner has to be made, and I need to work on a spread sheet for TD tour work. And drop of a check at a friend’s.

Blurry bizzy!

It’s good to be back in the studio. I need to get some jewelry made, and get some auctions going again. Going on tour kind of jarred the rhythm of it all…but I’m back and need to get kickin’. It’s hard to sort the glass…make it for auction, make it for bead show in Feb? Make it for store in Oregon that wants to buy wholesale? Dizzyfying. Anyway. Good to be home and I just need to get a schedule going with all the projects. Today when I finish errands I will likely lay out some glass coasters I need to make for a store in Illinois.

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