Righty tighty.

I’ve been having issues with my right arm. From discussions with others, it sounds like Tennis Elbow, sort of. But its also up in my forearm. I thought it was lampworking, now I am not so sure. When I sleep, I curl up, all the way to my hands. My wrists bend in and I curl my hands towards my arms. My massage therapist told me to try to open up, but it is VERY hard. I have a body pillow I do not sleep with, DLJ and I share a queen bed and with three cats….well, it’s already crowded. But I might try tonight if I can make it work, something to distract my hands from curling inwards. It hurts all the time to extend my arm out straight…not good. Opening jars is hard.

Yet I press on, because I must.

Golden Wheat

I leave Thursday for Boulder. Some of the airlines I am on have a place to donate money to offset ecological impacts of flying, but not all my flights do that. Is there a general place to do this for all flights? A way to give money to offset all this flying?

I feel hesitant about all the gas used in the tour bus as well, this December…but it will carry a bunch of us around at least….it sleeps 12.

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  1. Hey! I sleep in much the same way; arms folded inward. I’m reminded of a Gallagher routine I heard years ago (when I thought he was funny) when he said how arms just get in the way when you’re in bed. “It’s hard to figure out where to put them. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just take them off and hang them up… but what would you take the second one off with?”.

    Anyway, I used to get a cramping kind of pain in my arms and shoulders, and my hands would get a little numb like when your foot “falls asleep”… not fun for a flute player! What worked for me was to use a second pillow which I would “hug”; it keeps my arm joints, nerves and vessels from being squeezed so tightly. I don’t know if that’s the same as the “body pillow” ou referred to, but it allows you to keep sleeping pretty much as you like to. It’s very difficult to adopt a sleeping position that isn’t natural for you.

  2. I might try just a regular pillow, the body pillow didn’t help, I felt worse somehow.

    Thanks for the idea of trying the smaller one…seems obvious, but…duh. =)

    Wend, thanks!

  3. I had/have a similar problem too – when I was pregnant, I had carpal tunnel in both wrists. My OB told me to get wrist braces and wear them to bed at night. They weren’t very attractive, but they prevented my wrists from bending in and it lessened the tingling and pain I had in the morning.

  4. Are there beads like “Golden Wheat” for sale? How may one buy your work? I’ll keep searching this site….

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