Crying over BT

Each night I try to catch one of BT’s songs at least.

I am remiss here on catching up on my life. I am on the road with Thomas Dolby and BT right now. We just wrapped up night #4. Since I spend most time at merch, I sit there during the TD set and take a break during BT. But a break for me usually means dealing with my assistant tour manager duties. With two bands, it’s a bigger job than I could do as a newbie tour manager, I am happy to just assist.

Tonight our show was Tucson. My parents came, which was terrific. It was so great to see them, and for them to see what this slice of my life has been like. They came on the tour bus and Dad helped me with some Excel formulas, and took me on a few errands I wanted to run.

They stayed through all of Dolby’s set, and even about 15 minutes of BT. These are two folks in their 60’s, and it was a late night. After they left I went to the bus and did a little paperwork, amd went back to try to catch a song.
I watched one called “Good Morning, Kaia”
Kaia is his daughter, she was here for a couple days on the bus
she is 2 this song was so beautiful and the video was so powerful to me I started crying. Now I was out at merch during this,
but the room was empty and I knew there was one more song after.
I had no idea it was going to affect me that way so I m sitting there
trying to get it together and Brian’s pedalboard fucked up.
They didn’t play the last song so like… 3 mimnutes later
someone is standing next to me and its BT. Since the last song bombed I figured he came out to see the fans.
And he has this look on his face when he sees me and he said later he was thinking
“What happened? Who hurt you? Who yelled at you? Let me at ‘em!”
And of course there’s like 50 people now because he’s out there
so I start crying again telling him how wonderful it was.
And he hugs me and then I turn to everyone and say
“If it makes the merch chick cry, it’s gotta be good”
Oy. He’s out getting late night dinner and a small sandwich for me.

I guess I became a BT fan tonight. I feel very fortunate to get to know this man now, who makes such wonderful things.

3 thoughts on “Crying over BT

  1. Isn’t it amazing how much music can affect your emotions? I think it’s because it has a real power to take you back to emotional times in your life and tap straight into those emotions.
    Also – you’re away from home and stressed out working on this tour so that’s bound to affect you too…..

    Just remember there are loads of friends out here sending you love and hugs


  2. Hi Lunesse… I just wrote you the dorky PM on BT’s forum… have since googled you and found your website so I actually have some real info on you :) Hope you were flattered rather than offended.

    I had the same experience as you did during “Good Morning, Kaia” the first time I watched it on the TBU DVD. (you gotta watch that yourself, then catch as much of it as you can inside the surround speaker setup BT has.) It’s very moving and wakes you up to the awesome responsibility of being a parent like nothing I’ve ever witnessed… I await the day I become a parent with sober awe.

    BT is seriously one of the most introspective, wise, and listenable examples of human creativity we have on this planet. I’ve been a fan of his since the last century :P and am ever impressed at the depth of his work and kindness. Read his blog at and you’ll be laughing if nothing more!

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