Grr. Head hurts.

The leak is back in the house. Very small, but it’s there. We will prevail but it has been almost a year now, seriously, that we have not had the downstairs room. Previous owners deny responsibility, even with our photos of them hiding the damage behind furniture, then moving boxes, and lying on the disclosure form. We can’t go after them till it fixed and we know the final fees paid to fix it.

It is very discouraging. Work on the Dolby Tour is ramping up as well, I have lots to do before we leave. With an overnight gig in between the long tour and now, and so much work to be done. I am busy today with errands and clients for my glass but tomorrow, other than studio hours, I hope to bang out a lot of work for him.

My artist friend, Dom, who did the tour shirts and poster in the spring in France drew me something funny:

That’s the state of things today, indeed! That was excellent though, it made my day to have someone thinking of me and taking a little effort like that. Friends are good, even when far, far away.

2 thoughts on “Grr. Head hurts.

  1. I have been instructed by a higher power than myself (read:Wendy) to write a comment and try to cheer you up.

    That’s really crappy about the wall, isn’t it. At least you haven’t discovered an ancient burial ground in the back garden or anything yet… or a flying saucer. That would by my luck – little grey men running round the place with lazer blasters… (a la Mars Attacks!)

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