It’s like summer camp.

You look forward to going, yet you don’t want to leave. I don’t want to leave DLJ, my cats, my home, my glass, my life. I could get so much done in the weeks I will be gone…so much time lost that could have been with friends, family, pets. Christmas for me will have no buildup this year, no time at home in December until maybe even after Christmas.

On the other hand, what an adventure! Touring! Music! Travel, seeing new cities and towns, supporting one of my best friends, living in a tour bus, having a crazy experience that is definitely out of the ordinary.

My heart is torn and twisted over it. Partially because I am so damn tired right now. Overworked. I want to spend time with DLJ but I sit here working, while he sits waiting for me as the time stretches out. Our clock is counting down now to when we must split apart for a month. He might come to the show in New Orleans, but it’s uncertain, it took so long for the dates to be finalized for that show…it might be too late. Seeing him in the middle would make such a difference.

I know, true to my fashion, once I say goodbye and am on the bus on my way, I will be fine. Feelings of missing family and home will always be there, and will get stronger by the middle of the third week.

I want it to start and I want it to end and I want it to go on forever all at the same time. But I always miss people and places the most right beforeĀ  I leave them, so in some ways, this is the hardest time of all.

Seeing friends along the way will really help. REALLY help. I will see my parents at least…maybe an old friend or two on the East Coast….


I wish I could take my studio with me.

I had an interview Friday for a newspaper, and a photographer is supposed to stop by. They only have two days to do so!

3 thoughts on “It’s like summer camp.

  1. You will be missed, but then we – your friends – will look forward to your return too. Plus of course the internet will help you stay in touch :)

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