Year’s End.

Almost the end of 2006, and it looks like it will end nicely for us. We are seeing Pink Martini at the Schnitz on NYE, just like last year. DLJ got a raise and a bonus today, which is wonderful. He’s finally making somewhere in the ballpark of what he should be for all the work he does.

It has been really nice to be home. I have some glass cooking in the kiln, I need to clean up the bedroom, but the cats are happy to see me and it is wonderful to be back in my own bed, home, and neighborhood. Cooking is enjoyable, sleeping is grand and DLJ have been taking nightly walks so that we can see the holiday lights together before folks start taking them down. Being gone for the Christmas season kinda sucked, in many ways. The tour was excellent and I am glad I did it, but I wish it hadn’t been all of Dec. up until the 24th.

Tonight we will celebrate DLJ’s raise. =)

Standing behind the merch area at Sonar, Baltimore, MD. Thomas is playing “The Flat Earth.” I have seen more than 50 Thomas Dolby concerts. Oh, that it were true for Duran Duran!

I’m ready to go home. It’s been an intense tour, only a month long, but 27 days and 24 gigs is extremely difficult. When I get home, it’s not even really “home,” but direct to the coast for the holidays with my parents. I will finally really return  home on the 26th or 27th, more than a month after I left. Kitties. Bed. DLJ.

New Years. We are planning to go to see Pink Martini at the Schnitz. This is what we did last year as well, and it’s a great way to end one year and start the next one.

I will miss tour life, but I am eager to get home to my real life, loves and days in Oregon. But with me I will have new friends. I am certain I will stay in touch with Hurdy Gurdy Ben, and perhaps even BT. One or two friends out of a bus crammed with 12 souls…works for me!

We have a new driver tonight, as our old one had previous holiday plans. He was a tad grumpy with us, but a REALLY amazing driver. You are trusting your driver with your life, as much as he nagged us, I will miss him as a driver, familiar with his ways of moving and trusting in his ability.

3 more nights on the bus. 4 more nights away from DLJ.

Leaving Palm Trees

We did it! 12 shows in 12 nights! Tonight we partay! It was a LOT of work for everyone. Tomorrow we have the day off and we will be in Columbia, S.C. Hotels! Laundry! No work!

Then it’s on to Virginia, and five more shows, before I get to go home. I’m having a good time but I really want to see DLJ and have a holiday with my parents. It’s been quite a trip. I think I have made some good friends on this tour, and I really hope to stay in touch with them. I think I will with at least one, Hurdy Gurdy Ben, as I have called him.

BT and Dolby have left the bus for a day or two, with interviews and such they are flying on ahead. This equals the mice will play while the cats are away. =)

Humidity land.

We have just arrived in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s humid. The club smells like ass, and there’s nothing going on yet in there. It has giant screens of badly created video of dancing girl shadows. Spare me.

I’ve lost track of what day this is in terms of our 12 day stint. 7? 8?

Sleeping well, for the most part, but I still have a sore throat that I am so tired of. It won’t go away! I drink water, tea…take Vitamin C. Ah well.

Yesterday in Birmingham was one of those days where I never saw the State where I was. I saw a little of the drive going in, but beyond that, I never left the bus or the building. There isn’t much to see right here where we are in Jacksonville…but maybe I will go for a little walk at some point, despite the humidity.

This is going to sound cryptic, and I don’t mean it to, exactly. Well, ok, I do.

Sometimes men are really annoying. I don’t get what goes on their brains in terms of tact, what’s important, or indulging in a little sentimentality, but some of them really need a sensitive gene. No, that’s not it. Empathy. This is simply a case of being clueless, I’m afraid, just not getting it, and as a result, coming off as rather….well, oblivious.
This might come up again before the end of the tour. I can worry about it now, or instead be more productive and do my own things to keep from being disappointed. By working on creating my own new friendships and relationships, I can be focused elsewhere when and if an old one fails me, in terms of someone giving a shit. Positive energy, instead of dwelling. Should this be needed, I hope to find it.
Yeah. Cryptic. Sorry.

Almost normal.

I’m sitting on a bed. In a heated room. In a loft. With a latop. It’s almost like real life. No bus, no venue. I’m waiting for UPS to show up so I can move some merch boxes from here, Houston, Texas, to Atlanta Georgia. The loft belongs to Bree and Johnny, my friends in conspiracy from the Spring tour. Johnny will be rejoining us in Florida. Bree is at work, and after she, Thomas, Craig (the terrific Johnny substitute) and I had great pho at a place Bree enjoys, they let me here to wait. I will catch a cab back to the venue once my work here is done. I took a real, hot shower, and am now relaxing in this wonderful loft space. The local metro trains are right outside… yet the walls and windows are so solid, even through these French doors where I can see the trains, I cannot hear them.

Dallas was fun. I had a crazy evening I might write about later. It ended in typical nerd fashion watching “Some Kind of Wonderful” at 5 am. I still love our tour bus, and the crew, so much for being the type of group we are.


Awake in Austin. I saw a friend, Bernie, from my old Organic days last night. It was very sweet of her, considering she’s due ANY DAY NOW to come out for a coffee. She took me to a great little plays called Jo’s, I feel like I got a little true Austin flavor and a bit of catching up time, which I appreciate greatly.

I had dinner in a rediculously swank sushi place with BT, his band, and other crew folks. We walked there and back, I left early with Trifon, as he was still not in perfect health (neither am I) and I needed to pay the TD crew their per diems.

The bus leaves for the gig in an  hour and a half. I still have my computer on West Coast time, so I keep glancing over my shoulder at the clock on the nightstand.

Tomorrow it’s on to Dallas. The days off have been marvelous, I wish we had more. We only have one more, where we hopefully will visit a tiger sanctuary.

I joined…feel free to friend Lunesse to get cryptic real time updates on where I am. You can see it in my sidebar now.

Sorry this photo is too big for my layout….que sera….

Texas waffles, y'all, in the hotel in Amarillo.

Places I have never been #23

Inside a truck wash. Our bus was really, really dirty after we made our way up to Aspen and Denver and back down to Texas. Sooty, snowy. Cakes of mud falling off the wheel wells, the trailer so dirty people started writing things on the side. So as we pulled out of Amarillo, Texas.

I am totally distracted by the South Park episode on the TV, the Queer Eye/ Crab People one.

Soon the truck slowed to a stop. Water started hitting the sides of the truck. I peeked out front, because the tinted side windows made it impossible to really see what was going on.

We could have been on another planet. A strange universe where there only exists a room with giant doors in front and back. A sign on the wall said “Employees must keep their feet on the floor at all times.”

Guys with large water jets were hosing down the sides of the bus. When I relayed the feet rule to everyone else, BT stood up. “Truck Stop!”  A large percentage of everyone else got up as well, and we spilled out the door into a giant room, white walls, bright lights. Our bus loomed before us, glittering like new, chromed and sparkling. We went through a side door to a small room, where BT was already looking at soda machines. “False alarm, dude.” The true truck stop was across the street, our little planet of a washing station had only soda and suspiciously bad vendomatic food. I loaned BT a dollar for a drink, and went back in the washing bay. The blue jumpsuited crew waved at us to get out of the way, as they were going to wash the front. We all piled out into the chilled Texas night air. The bay doors opened and there she stood, gleaming in the fluorescent lights. Scott, who was taking photos, took a photo of many of us standing in front of the truck before Steve, our driver, cranked the engine, turned on the lights and waved us out of the way. The bus eased out of the bay, water streaming off her sides in small waterfalls. It was amazing how clean she was now, and therefore, how dirty she was before. When he came to a halt, water still streamed over the doors and windows. BT opened the door, hesitated, then jumped through the waterfall into the bus. I followed. No truck stop, but totally worth it.

I swear, it’s the little things on this trip that I will remember. I am so glad Scott took that photo of us all, I can’t wait to see it.


Thomas just took the stage at the Gothic. Last night was a tough one, performing with a voice shot through by a virus. If I hadn’t been  impressed by the man as a performer, as opposed to my friend, before….I certainly would be now. He didn’t cancel, performing instead with the inability to hit his own high registers.

Sales were slow, but BT made the night a little more fun by dancing with me to “Europa” in the bar.

I’m starting to feel better,  though talking to fans at night does wear on my own vocal cords a little. I have been drinking tea with honey when I get back on the bus, eschewing my usual glass of red wine.

We waited in Aspen overnight, so that the driver could at least drive the treacherous roads in the daylight. I woke up when he arrived and started up the bus. I walked out of the sleeping section to the front, where the snow-encrusted mountains could be seen on either side of the road. Thomas was sitting up front, awake, having slept overnight in a hotel. We both read books for awhile, then I went back to bed, waking up again when we arrived in Denver.
I took a shower this afternoon at a local friend’s home. Ahhhhhhhh. I’m at the venue now and Thomas is singing “One of Our Submarines.” He is really sounding better than last night.

Two days off starting tomorrow. A big slice of heaven, considering we have 24 dates in 27 days.


Petri dish bus, man. Thomas is sick. I am sick, the sound guy is sick, both members of BT’s band are sick, the video guy on BT’s side is sick, as well as the video guy on our side. One bus full of sick people, all of who got sick within 24 hours. My throat is swollen and sore.  BT so far is still ok. But I have not seen him yet today. Last night Thomas crashed early and I soon followed, but hung out with Ben in the back lounge for awhile. BT sat up front playing with a homemade instrument he has.

We are pulling into Aspen, CO. It’s VERY cold, and very white, very different from when we last were here. Wish I had time for another fabulous Aspen massage. Right now, we are the bus of the walking dead.