Almost normal.

I’m sitting on a bed. In a heated room. In a loft. With a latop. It’s almost like real life. No bus, no venue. I’m waiting for UPS to show up so I can move some merch boxes from here, Houston, Texas, to Atlanta Georgia. The loft belongs to Bree and Johnny, my friends in conspiracy from the Spring tour. Johnny will be rejoining us in Florida. Bree is at work, and after she, Thomas, Craig (the terrific Johnny substitute) and I had great pho at a place Bree enjoys, they let me here to wait. I will catch a cab back to the venue once my work here is done. I took a real, hot shower, and am now relaxing in this wonderful loft space. The local metro trains are right outside… yet the walls and windows are so solid, even through these French doors where I can see the trains, I cannot hear them.

Dallas was fun. I had a crazy evening I might write about later. It ended in typical nerd fashion watching “Some Kind of Wonderful” at 5 am. I still love our tour bus, and the crew, so much for being the type of group we are.

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  1. chuck Says:

    now i wanna watch “some kind of wonderful” — ah, Miss Amanda Jones vs Watts.

  2. Jonathan Says:

    I love “Some Kind of Wonderful” too. I was always the geeky kid who could draw at school. Of course we didn’t have Lea Thompson or Mary Stuart Masterson at our school…

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