Humidity land.

We have just arrived in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s humid. The club smells like ass, and there’s nothing going on yet in there. It has giant screens of badly created video of dancing girl shadows. Spare me.

I’ve lost track of what day this is in terms of our 12 day stint. 7? 8?

Sleeping well, for the most part, but I still have a sore throat that I am so tired of. It won’t go away! I drink water, tea…take Vitamin C. Ah well.

Yesterday in Birmingham was one of those days where I never saw the State where I was. I saw a little of the drive going in, but beyond that, I never left the bus or the building. There isn’t much to see right here where we are in Jacksonville…but maybe I will go for a little walk at some point, despite the humidity.

This is going to sound cryptic, and I don’t mean it to, exactly. Well, ok, I do.

Sometimes men are really annoying. I don’t get what goes on their brains in terms of tact, what’s important, or indulging in a little sentimentality, but some of them really need a sensitive gene. No, that’s not it. Empathy. This is simply a case of being clueless, I’m afraid, just not getting it, and as a result, coming off as rather….well, oblivious.
This might come up again before the end of the tour. I can worry about it now, or instead be more productive and do my own things to keep from being disappointed. By working on creating my own new friendships and relationships, I can be focused elsewhere when and if an old one fails me, in terms of someone giving a shit. Positive energy, instead of dwelling. Should this be needed, I hope to find it.
Yeah. Cryptic. Sorry.

4 thoughts on “Humidity land.

  1. It’s hard to explain because I can’t get into it. Things went as they should…but at the same time…not entirely.

    Kinda like…..

    Going out for your wedding anniversary, and your spouse spends the time talking about digging on an ex girlfriend.

    But not really.

    I can’t explain it. =)

  2. auuuggh. empathy is in short supply, even from people who should know better. i had a frustrating day today, too. it doesn’t sound like the same situation at all, but it sounds like the same root cause.

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