Places I have never been #23

Inside a truck wash. Our bus was really, really dirty after we made our way up to Aspen and Denver and back down to Texas. Sooty, snowy. Cakes of mud falling off the wheel wells, the trailer so dirty people started writing things on the side. So as we pulled out of Amarillo, Texas.

I am totally distracted by the South Park episode on the TV, the Queer Eye/ Crab People one.

Soon the truck slowed to a stop. Water started hitting the sides of the truck. I peeked out front, because the tinted side windows made it impossible to really see what was going on.

We could have been on another planet. A strange universe where there only exists a room with giant doors in front and back. A sign on the wall said “Employees must keep their feet on the floor at all times.”

Guys with large water jets were hosing down the sides of the bus. When I relayed the feet rule to everyone else, BT stood up. “Truck Stop!”  A large percentage of everyone else got up as well, and we spilled out the door into a giant room, white walls, bright lights. Our bus loomed before us, glittering like new, chromed and sparkling. We went through a side door to a small room, where BT was already looking at soda machines. “False alarm, dude.” The true truck stop was across the street, our little planet of a washing station had only soda and suspiciously bad vendomatic food. I loaned BT a dollar for a drink, and went back in the washing bay. The blue jumpsuited crew waved at us to get out of the way, as they were going to wash the front. We all piled out into the chilled Texas night air. The bay doors opened and there she stood, gleaming in the fluorescent lights. Scott, who was taking photos, took a photo of many of us standing in front of the truck before Steve, our driver, cranked the engine, turned on the lights and waved us out of the way. The bus eased out of the bay, water streaming off her sides in small waterfalls. It was amazing how clean she was now, and therefore, how dirty she was before. When he came to a halt, water still streamed over the doors and windows. BT opened the door, hesitated, then jumped through the waterfall into the bus. I followed. No truck stop, but totally worth it.

I swear, it’s the little things on this trip that I will remember. I am so glad Scott took that photo of us all, I can’t wait to see it.

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