Petri dish bus, man. Thomas is sick. I am sick, the sound guy is sick, both members of BT’s band are sick, the video guy on BT’s side is sick, as well as the video guy on our side. One bus full of sick people, all of who got sick within 24 hours. My throat is swollen and sore.  BT so far is still ok. But I have not seen him yet today. Last night Thomas crashed early and I soon followed, but hung out with Ben in the back lounge for awhile. BT sat up front playing with a homemade instrument he has.

We are pulling into Aspen, CO. It’s VERY cold, and very white, very different from when we last were here. Wish I had time for another fabulous Aspen massage. Right now, we are the bus of the walking dead.

One thought on “Sick.

  1. BT, clearly, has made a pact with dark forces to keep healthy! ;-)

    But, seriously, I hope you guys all feel better soon. If you could send you good health along with the good vibes from this coast, I would!

    Stay warm, stay hydrated, get as much rest as you can!

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