Thomas just took the stage at the Gothic. Last night was a tough one, performing with a voice shot through by a virus. If I hadn’t been¬† impressed by the man as a performer, as opposed to my friend, before….I certainly would be now. He didn’t cancel, performing instead with the inability to hit his own high registers.

Sales were slow, but BT made the night a little more fun by dancing with me to “Europa” in the bar.

I’m starting to feel better,¬† though talking to fans at night does wear on my own vocal cords a little. I have been drinking tea with honey when I get back on the bus, eschewing my usual glass of red wine.

We waited in Aspen overnight, so that the driver could at least drive the treacherous roads in the daylight. I woke up when he arrived and started up the bus. I walked out of the sleeping section to the front, where the snow-encrusted mountains could be seen on either side of the road. Thomas was sitting up front, awake, having slept overnight in a hotel. We both read books for awhile, then I went back to bed, waking up again when we arrived in Denver.
I took a shower this afternoon at a local friend’s home. Ahhhhhhhh. I’m at the venue now and Thomas is singing “One of Our Submarines.” He is really sounding better than last night.

Two days off starting tomorrow. A big slice of heaven, considering we have 24 dates in 27 days.

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  1. This journal is going to be such a great record to look back at in years to come. I hope you’re taking many, many photographs while you’re on the road…

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