Waiting to fly.

Portland airport. I’m on my way to Tucson for the giant To Bead True Blue show at the Manning House, where I will be selling beads and jewelry in the Redondo Pavilion. 6 days.

Maybe I am crazy for doing the largest bead type of event in the US so early in my career. But I know I will learn a lot and meet lots of people. Staying with my parents also makes it way more affordable and fun.

My pilot is here, sitting in the morning sun waiting with the rest of us. I got here with plenty of time in case they wanted to search me with all my strange boxes and things in my luggage, but it all went through just fine. I have my gummy Lifesavers as a treat on the plane (sugar bad, but I still hate flying enough to want something to distract me) and the new Nick Bantock book, Windflower.

Going away from DLJ again, yet again, is hard, but this time it is for my own business, not someone else’s so he is very supportive of it.

Our bamboo flooring came in, so he will fetch that today, and it will sit in our house until I am back home and I can be there for installation. Then we will put DLJ’s furniture back and finally reclaim the living room and garage. It has been hard having his office in the living room, and no room to park a car. Not a tragedy, for sure, but it would be nice to have that room back for entertaining without being so crammed, and for him to have a space all his own to work in.

Anais is sick again, so she will have to go off to the vet. I don’t know what the right answer is. But she is DLJ’s cat more than mine, I can’t decide what to do. She’s an old kitty, though,with several things wrong.

Ok, time to go and get all my stuff packed as small as possible.

Here’s a couple pieces that will be at the show. If you are at the show, come find juiceglass at the To Bead True Blue event! =)


I am back from the library with my copy of Nick Bantock’s new book. I thought for sure it would be totally mobbed by wait listers, but there were two copies not even out! So I got it today and I am thrilled. Big difference from my wait-listed spot for “Water for Elephants,” I am number 148 for that!

I am looking forward to this, I have enjoyed his Griffin and Sabine books, but this is a flat-out  novel!

I will restrain myself and wait for at least one more day, so that I will be sure to have it all through my Tucson trip, which I leave for on Sunday with my beads and pendants and everything. Man I need to write a juiceglass newsletter, it’s been TOO LONG! Bad Luny.

food monopoly

isn’t strange there are a few foods out there that seem to always be one brand?

herring in sour cream/wine sauce: Vita

pickled mixed veggies: Mezzetta

Can you think of any others?

Today was very busy. I walked to one store nearby, and went to all the other stores I needed to in one swoop in the car, plus the library and post office.

I had a strange dream that we were having our driveway redone and the guy redid the front walk too, and put in stairs and all these things that we didn’t ask for and I was terrified he was going to make us pay for it all.

DLJ and I had a good and lowkey weekend. Yesterday he never got out of his pajamas, and I think that is a good thing. He deserves total, complete days off like that.

Time to start thinking about dinner, polenta I think with wilted greens and a salad.

my hands smell like cumin…

because I am making homemade black bean soup! I planned this for today’s dinner menu before I knew DLJ was going back to the dentist to fill some cavities, but now I am happy cause it will be easy for him to eat. Once the midday lunch rush is over I will do my errands to the library and post office, so that means now I should battle the cold demon and go fire up the kiln…or maybe I should do that after DLJ gets home, so that someone is here while I go for my walk later. I don’t like having the kiln on as it ramps up when it is home alone.

Laundry. I can start laundry. And find the tour phone and plug it in, it’s totally dead. Which means I can’t call it. I think it’s actually in the car, which makes no sense, but there you go.

I got myself Skype yesterday so I can talk to some pals in England and and dear boy from New Zealand who is in Australia now….some of my VERY old readers might remember him, he whisked me away on a whirlwind romance when I backpacked through Europe.

I love that I stay in touch with people who are so far away, both across miles and through time.

Snow Day, Snow Day

DLJ just got home a little over an hour ago and we went for a walk in the 6″ of snow that fell in our little  neighborhood. We saw dogs, kids, cross country skiers, even a guy on a snowboard being towed around the streets by a car. Lots of snowball fights and snow forts and snowmen. Tomorrow will probably be a day off as well, my town doesn’t have legions of snow plows, so it will likely be another day at home. As far as DLJ is concerned, his job follows whatever the courts do in Portland. Right now, he will have a delayed start at the very least.

Dinner tonight,  I will get to making it in a little while. It’s still light out and pretty with all the snow. I did some prep work for the bead show in Tucson, a little cleaning, a little lunch, shoveled the driveway and front walk, and chatted online with some friends.

I’m tired and not sure what I want to do now. I will probably curl up with some homemade hot cocoa and read my Hirukami book for at least a little while. Hopefully Ankimo will want to come snuggle too. =)

Lurkers unite…

I love you readers. I do.

I had no idea I had lurkers. Which is the point of lurking, I know.

I am a lurker in many places myself. I’m amazed how many of you are old-timers still hanging in there with me. Like the nice guy who brought up the show on ZDTV….that was 1997-98 when I was on that. Amazing.

It’s nice to know you are here, and feel free to going back to your cozy lurking holes. =)

I’ve got pizza dough rising downstairs, but it came out a little funky tonight, not sure how the final product will be. It’s cold out and I need to go out to get some rosemary from the bush for the pizza, I should have done that when it was lighter out. DLJ and I went for a walk to go to an open house, mainly because the house in question is the same model as ours, but they had managed to somehow put a huge master bathroom and walk in closet off the main bedroom, and we were curious. I love seeing my house, decorated and arranged differently. It’s fun!

I went to the studio and scraped my shelf, and brushed on fresh kiln wash, which keeps the glass from sticking. I will make a bunch of pendants tomorrow, I think…or perhaps some bracelet components.

DLJ will be gone Friday and Saturday, gone to MacWorld down in San Francisco. I told him to go have some chips at the Irish Bank for me….I have been craving them lately, and of course, 500 miles away, there is naught I can do. I should have made Dolby take me there at some point around Thanksgiving, or at least, I should have taken myself last Spring when I had a day in the city. But there was so much to do, naked sunbathing and hottubing at Osento, crepes at Ti Couz….so much to eat, so little time.

Seriously though, I am REALLY missing Irish Bank chips BAD.

I sold my old television set and it’s in a nice, new home. Now I just need to get the old vacuum out of here. DLJ fixed the slightly wobbly handle, but I still want to give it away somewhere. Like a church or old folk’s home or somewhere it could really be used. If not, I will just freecycle it, but I dunno…it’s a good little vacuum. I’m just being strange, I guess.

I should be doing laundry. DLJ is watching Battlestar Galactica. If it wasn’t so chilly I would go for a walk. I could do my yoga, I suppose.

Damn you, Irish Bank. Damn you.

Oh, and I forgot….almost…

Lunesse.com has housed an online journal/blog/diary THING now for over TEN YEARS. I crossed that mark shortly before Thanksgiving in 2006.

Freaky. I have what, 5 readers now? I love them as much as my hundreds back in the heyday.

Here’s to another ten  years. =)

Thank you, NPR.

I had this slight beef with the local NPR station, OPB. Every morning between 9 and 11 was “Performance Today,” which is classical music. I like classical music. But every day, two hours of it when I am revving up in the glass studio, not so much. Two hours of something that not everyone listens to. Classical music reminds me of days spent at my Grandmother’s little retirement village, where on my walks I met this older woman who let me come over and make things out of clay, I made a belt with a loom and pattern cards she helped me make out of the bottom of milk cartons. I was maybe 9 or 10…and she always had classical music on. I think her name was Mrs. Weaver.

But….classical is NOT where I am at in my own art these days. If my iPod was dead, classical it was.

A couple days ago I was driving in Portland and it was early morning and you guessed it, Performance Today. The only extra added interest I had was that they had folks live in Studio 4a, which they often do…but now I have actually BEEN to Studio 4a, as that is where Dolby recorded his bit for Weekend Edition…so that was lovely.

But then! They said there will be a new show on NPR, a worldwide discussion, starting mid January, at 10 am!

SWEET! One hour of classical, I’m all for that. I’m delighted. Like I said, classical is great, but two hours during my productive work time? A little overkill.