food monopoly

isn’t strange there are a few foods out there that seem to always be one brand?

herring in sour cream/wine sauce: Vita

pickled mixed veggies: Mezzetta

Can you think of any others?

Today was very busy. I walked to one store nearby, and went to all the other stores I needed to in one swoop in the car, plus the library and post office.

I had a strange dream that we were having our driveway redone and the guy redid the front walk too, and put in stairs and all these things that we didn’t ask for and I was terrified he was going to make us pay for it all.

DLJ and I had a good and lowkey weekend. Yesterday he never got out of his pajamas, and I think that is a good thing. He deserves total, complete days off like that.

Time to start thinking about dinner, polenta I think with wilted greens and a salad.

2 thoughts on “food monopoly

  1. mmmmm your dinner sounds yummy! I love polenta. How ya doin? Winter has finally arrived in the UK and the temperature has taken a dive.
    Hope you’re well – how are the beads for the show coming along?

  2. beads are…. ok. I haven’t as many as I would like, but there is nothing I can do about that. It will be a good learning experience and as one fellow glass artist put it…if you sell out, more time for you to SHOP. Heh.

    I’m doing alright. Tired, but alright. How’s knitting?

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