Lurkers unite…

I love you readers. I do.

I had no idea I had lurkers. Which is the point of lurking, I know.

I am a lurker in many places myself. I’m amazed how many of you are old-timers still hanging in there with me. Like the nice guy who brought up the show on ZDTV….that was 1997-98 when I was on that. Amazing.

It’s nice to know you are here, and feel free to going back to your cozy lurking holes. =)

I’ve got pizza dough rising downstairs, but it came out a little funky tonight, not sure how the final product will be. It’s cold out and I need to go out to get some rosemary from the bush for the pizza, I should have done that when it was lighter out. DLJ and I went for a walk to go to an open house, mainly because the house in question is the same model as ours, but they had managed to somehow put a huge master bathroom and walk in closet off the main bedroom, and we were curious. I love seeing my house, decorated and arranged differently. It’s fun!

I went to the studio and scraped my shelf, and brushed on fresh kiln wash, which keeps the glass from sticking. I will make a bunch of pendants tomorrow, I think…or perhaps some bracelet components.

DLJ will be gone Friday and Saturday, gone to MacWorld down in San Francisco. I told him to go have some chips at the Irish Bank for me….I have been craving them lately, and of course, 500 miles away, there is naught I can do. I should have made Dolby take me there at some point around Thanksgiving, or at least, I should have taken myself last Spring when I had a day in the city. But there was so much to do, naked sunbathing and hottubing at Osento, crepes at Ti Couz….so much to eat, so little time.

Seriously though, I am REALLY missing Irish Bank chips BAD.

I sold my old television set and it’s in a nice, new home. Now I just need to get the old vacuum out of here. DLJ fixed the slightly wobbly handle, but I still want to give it away somewhere. Like a church or old folk’s home or somewhere it could really be used. If not, I will just freecycle it, but I dunno…it’s a good little vacuum. I’m just being strange, I guess.

I should be doing laundry. DLJ is watching Battlestar Galactica. If it wasn’t so chilly I would go for a walk. I could do my yoga, I suppose.

Damn you, Irish Bank. Damn you.

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