Oh, and I forgot….almost…

Lunesse.com has housed an online journal/blog/diary THING now for over TEN YEARS. I crossed that mark shortly before Thanksgiving in 2006.

Freaky. I have what, 5 readers now? I love them as much as my hundreds back in the heyday.

Here’s to another tenĀ  years. =)

11 thoughts on “Oh, and I forgot….almost…

  1. Congratulations on the decade mark! You were a pioneer. :-) Pretty dang cool. (And I bet you have more than five readers, lady!)

  2. What were you doing 10 years ago?

    I was in my second year of “proper” work, doing the job I wanted. I was installing Windows 95 on Pentium PCs, and cycling 15 miles nearly every night.

  3. Hey there – not sure if you saw my twitter comment come and go on the public list or not. My family owned an East Coast stained glass business for 30 years and I worked there for a long time – taught foil, leaded, some torchwork, mosaic – never got as much into the kiln stuff, but I do enjoy appreciating the finished product. Just wanted to say your work is gorgeous, and I’m a huge Bullseye fan myself.. hope to make it out west to see their plant someday.. I did some glassblowing at Blenko’s factory in WV, but nothing fantastic – just a few trinkets to sit in my windowsill :-)

    Add me on twitter if you feel the desire, jennaliz.

  4. Ya know, I’m replying as the fifth in this line of fans. :)

    Ten years ago, I had just moved to California. The ISP business has been good to us over the last…12 or so…? Looks like we’re all kindred spirits of a sort.

    I’m glad I found ya, Luny.


  5. man, has it been ten years? jeez. i’ve been a reader of your blog on and off since probably 98/99 or something like that. i actually found your site because you were featured on the show Internet Tonight on ZDTV back in the day. i believe you were one of a couple of site they featured as “webcam girls”. the other sites but yours are pretty much not around anymore. congrats on the longevity! :-)

  6. Jenna, you would LOVE seeing Bullseye. Maybe take a class there and you can see it all! It’s a wonderful place. How lucky of you to have glass in the family! If only I could have started years ago! =)

    Ten years ago I was in San Francisco, dating a lost cause, but having fun at the beginning of my web career right as the dotcome was starting to boom.

  7. I still have that fading SFBG ad you appeared in oh so many lifetimes ago, Carli. Glad to read Juice Glass is just getting busier and busier. Congratulations!

  8. you do? Wow. I thought I was the only one with one of those, Michael. Heheh.

    It sure does feel like lifetimes ago.

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