Snow Day, Snow Day

DLJ just got home a little over an hour ago and we went for a walk in the 6″ of snow that fell in our little¬† neighborhood. We saw dogs, kids, cross country skiers, even a guy on a snowboard being towed around the streets by a car. Lots of snowball fights and snow forts and snowmen. Tomorrow will probably be a day off as well, my town doesn’t have legions of snow plows, so it will likely be another day at home. As far as DLJ is concerned, his job follows whatever the courts do in Portland. Right now, he will have a delayed start at the very least.

Dinner tonight,¬† I will get to making it in a little while. It’s still light out and pretty with all the snow. I did some prep work for the bead show in Tucson, a little cleaning, a little lunch, shoveled the driveway and front walk, and chatted online with some friends.

I’m tired and not sure what I want to do now. I will probably curl up with some homemade hot cocoa and read my Hirukami book for at least a little while. Hopefully Ankimo will want to come snuggle too. =)

One thought on “Snow Day, Snow Day

  1. Whenever I hear about snow now, I realise how long it is since we last saw any (years!). I wonder if it’s global warming, or just long term weather patterns…

    Snow also makes me think of the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons where he makes the snowmen :)

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