Thank you, NPR.

I had this slight beef with the local NPR station, OPB. Every morning between 9 and 11 was “Performance Today,” which is classical music. I like classical music. But every day, two hours of it when I am revving up in the glass studio, not so much. Two hours of something that not everyone listens to. Classical music reminds me of days spent at my Grandmother’s little retirement village, where on my walks I met this older woman who let me come over and make things out of clay, I made a belt with a loom and pattern cards she helped me make out of the bottom of milk cartons. I was maybe 9 or 10…and she always had classical music on. I think her name was Mrs. Weaver.

But….classical is NOT where I am at in my own art these days. If my iPod was dead, classical it was.

A couple days ago I was driving in Portland and it was early morning and you guessed it, Performance Today. The only extra added interest I had was that they had folks live in Studio 4a, which they often do…but now I have actually BEEN to Studio 4a, as that is where Dolby recorded his bit for Weekend Edition…so that was lovely.

But then! They said there will be a new show on NPR, a worldwide discussion, starting mid January, at 10 am!

SWEET! One hour of classical, I’m all for that. I’m delighted. Like I said, classical is great, but two hours during my productive work time? A little overkill.


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