Waiting to fly.

Portland airport. I’m on my way to Tucson for the giant To Bead True Blue show at the Manning House, where I will be selling beads and jewelry in the Redondo Pavilion. 6 days.

Maybe I am crazy for doing the largest bead type of event in the US so early in my career. But I know I will learn a lot and meet lots of people. Staying with my parents also makes it way more affordable and fun.

My pilot is here, sitting in the morning sun waiting with the rest of us. I got here with plenty of time in case they wanted to search me with all my strange boxes and things in my luggage, but it all went through just fine. I have my gummy Lifesavers as a treat on the plane (sugar bad, but I still hate flying enough to want something to distract me) and the new Nick Bantock book, Windflower.

Going away from DLJ again, yet again, is hard, but this time it is for my own business, not someone else’s so he is very supportive of it.

Our bamboo flooring came in, so he will fetch that today, and it will sit in our house until I am back home and I can be there for installation. Then we will put DLJ’s furniture back and finally reclaim the living room and garage. It has been hard having his office in the living room, and no room to park a car. Not a tragedy, for sure, but it would be nice to have that room back for entertaining without being so crammed, and for him to have a space all his own to work in.

Anais is sick again, so she will have to go off to the vet. I don’t know what the right answer is. But she is DLJ’s cat more than mine, I can’t decide what to do. She’s an old kitty, though,with several things wrong.

Ok, time to go and get all my stuff packed as small as possible.

Here’s a couple pieces that will be at the show. If you are at the show, come find juiceglass at the To Bead True Blue event! =)

3 thoughts on “Waiting to fly.

  1. Good luck with the show, and fingers crossed for the cat too.

    Simpson is being his usual self this evening. Best friends with me earlier when he suddenly woke up and figured he was hungry…

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