Quietly working….

It’s been a good busy month since I got home from tour. Month and more than a half, actually.

DLJ and I been working on a little project, and yesterday got to see how we have been doing.


I was at around 12 weeks but after the ultrasound the tech pushed me up to 14, and also stated what he thought the sex was based on what he saw, and previous experience in such things. It’s not 100% certain, but….I guess we have a place to put our bets. =)

9 thoughts on “Quietly working….

  1. Oh my GOSH!!!!! Congrats girlie!!!!! I’m so excited for you guys!!! How are you feeling so far? I was sick 24/7 with my little one the first 14 weeks…which of course meant no torch time for me. Give a call or email if you feel up to chatting. :)

  2. Hi Paulette!

    I have been feeling alright, it was a little mildly ookie early on, and the smell of flowers makes me ill, but my morning sickness was VERY VERY VERY mild. I was mostly just exhausted. I haven’t been torching just to not be doing it in the first trimester…but will start again next week with a respirator.

    I will definitely email you, esp. cause I know I have lost track of your number since I haven’t used it for awhile! =)

    Kris, no babycam yet but DLJ is of course messing with a wireless babycam monitor so that the grandparents can peer in on the runt from the computer. =)

  3. FanTASTIC! How wonderful. Congratulations, I’m so happy for you. This calls for a celebration!

  4. Congratulations!!!!! What a great picture to have on Valentine’s Day! Can’t wait to hear how you progress! I can’t make heads or tails from those U/S pictures. Our tech was 99.9 percent sure with ours even though our son was stubborn most of the time and would not show the “goods.” But they were correct! Take care!

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