Administration day

Today seems to be all about cleaning house. I updated my chat lists, removing old folks I don’t talk to anymore. Made some modifications to my friends list on LiveJournal, did some housekeeping at the communities there that I am mod for. I will clean the real house as well today, and I think I will tackle the fridge as well. It’s raining today after two wonderful days of sun and nice weather, where I did a lot of walking, filling glass orders, and getting errands done.

Tomorrow I am going to the Recycled Gardens, which is a nusery type place the next town over. They are a volunteer organization, you can get plants there that have been removed from construction sites or donated to the company. Proceeds go towards spay/neuter programs for pets. I wrote earlier requesting information about volunteering with them, and tomorrow I am going over to see what they need and what I can do. I am looking forward to it as I have wanted a volunteer activity this year, since I work at home and am on my way to being a stay at home Mom, I want a way to contact and communicate and give back to the community since I have the luxury of time to do so. This also ties into my ever-stronger desire to be more simplistic, and involved in community rather than sitting at home watching TV(which I don’t really do, but I can easily be a hermit all week if I am not careful). If it really works out, it is an example I can set for my kid as well in the years to come.

I hope it is a good fit.

I want to walk to the store to get some ingredients to make raspberry chocolate chip cookies (I baked them in a dream a couple nights ago) for DLJ. The rain is rather light right now so with the Australian hat and raincoat, I might be able to make the daily walking trip!

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