Busy Spring Weekend

DLJ can finally move his office back into…well, the office. The flooring has been put down, after a little touch up paint, all his books, desk items, computer, everything, can come back out of the living room. The storage, shelves, etc., can leave the garage.

I painted our planter box wood over the past few days, a little every day, so that we can have two raised vegetable beds in the backyard. They are drying in the sun right now. That task complete, I am working on further emptying out my office to become the kidlet’s room. I will miss my office, but all I need is a small desk, and there is room for that in the library/guest room. Since the guest bed is a really good couch, it doesn’t feel like a guest room, so it will be a good space for me to use most of the time. And DLJ said I can sit down in his office, of course, but I would do that only temporarily. I think we still work best with our own private corners, so to speak, and this house is big enough we can still have that, even with the kidlet.

Later today we will go to the Japanese garden to enjoy the plum and cherry trees that are in full bloom. Last night we went out to celebrate a birthday with a lot of friends, and had a good time. We left early since DLJ was very tired from a long week of work.

I have some glass orders to fill, hopefully tomorrow and early next week. Maybe after that I can get going on a project I want to try! =) “Work” before pleasure.

I did make a bracelet the other afternoon, with my Horizon beads. It’s very summery, down to the little fish swimming near the water. ;)

2 thoughts on “Busy Spring Weekend

  1. We sort of have private corners in our house – Wendy’s ends up being the entire lounge area (with assorted piles of wool, knitting needles, knitting patterns, family tree research, television controllers, half empty tea cups, and various other rubbish.

    My corner ends up being the front room, where I sit at a tidy desk with the MacBook.

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