DLJ finally left work, he had to stay later than usual. We are going out for dinner because we got a gift certificate for flying on Alaska Airline for $20 off. I am hongry!

It’s been raining and chilly all week, keeping me me out of the studio. I have several orders to take care of, so I have to get in there by Monday at the latest. It is a busy weekend so it might not happen before that.

I have been cleaning out my office to make it a room for the Kid. Slowly. We will get it done in time.

I really am wanting Spring to show up with warmer weather. I don’t mind the rain when it’s not so cold. Tomorrow is the SE Portland Artwalk. This year I am not in it, but going to it with DLJ and a friend. I need to focus on the Glass Gallery in May. I am really looking forward to that event, mostly to see all the work of all the other guilds and groups that are the same weekend, the metal guild, the wood guild, the bead society…Cool!

I’m going to go rest until DLJ comes home.

One thought on “Fridaze

  1. Chocolate Ice Cream has been known to solve lots of the world’s problems you know… well – in my world anyway.

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