Off by a day.

It feels like a Friday to me, even though it’s only Thursday. I am not sure why.

It will be time to go down to the studio soon, once World Have Your Say is done on NPR. It’s a good program, but listening to a bunch of people argue isn’t my cuppa while at the torch. I could bring the iPod down with me, I suppose.

It’s partly sunny here today but chilly. Still, I will go for a walk once my studio work is done. I think fro now until 11 I will make a batch of red cabbage slaw to go with dinner.

Some days I get up and after I say goodbye to DLJ I want to go back to bed, but I never do. There is always so much to be done! I don’t even know what our plans are this weekend…more getting the house in order, probably, DLJ has started moving his things down to his office, now that the new flooring is in. The living room will be a living room again. I have a lot of stuff to list on Craigslist. I am not sure when I will have time to deal with that, maybe early next week.

I also have some glass things I want to try out…but I need to get through my orders first! Maybe I will add a little extra time onto the end of today’s session for some play.

March is flying by.

One thought on “Off by a day.

  1. March really is flying by… as is this year. You’re going to have a little person causing havoc all around your house before you know it :)

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