Late start.

The phone rang really early this morning, and we didn’t get back to sleep until after DLJ’s alarm went off. So we slept after that.:P

He’s eating breakfast and it is nice to have him around a little later than usual. By the time the garbage truck comes around, he is usually gone.

Another busy day. I have got to get inventory listed today for my show next weekend at the Portland Convention Center, the Glass Guild Exhibition. This will probably be my last show for some time, at least until maybe next spring or summer (she said optimistically). I will still be making glass when I can once the baby arrives and things get vaguely in a routine…but the first year will definitely be a slowdown and more reliant on regular customers and online sales vs. shows. I do have some beads going without me to a large show in Vegas, so that will be some nice exposure even without my being there.

So far we are keeping up with the garden, but the rain hasn’t stopped yet, that is when it gets more difficult. Our hydrangeas are just not placed correctly (thank you, previous owners) and they burn most summers at some point. I  have been moving the rest of our soil into a holding area on the front yard until we get the yard removed. I also might work on getting part of the drip system in place, so that we can get it working without the timer, at least, by the time the rains stop for the summer.

Last night we had pork spareribs finished off on the grill, I had put them in a dry rub and roasted them for 1.5 hours before DLJ got home. It was our first time doing ribs, and I think they came out really well! It wasn’t Reo’s Ribs, for sure (a good rib place nearby), but it was pretty close and a lot less $$$. =)

This weekend we are going to Tacoma to a wedding reception of one of my oldest friends, from back in the Jersey Days. Old time readers might recognize the name Horticultural Guy. Peter. He got married on a Disney cruise in the past month and is having the party now for those of us who didn’t go on the cruise with him and his lovely wife. We are staying in a B&B the one night we are up there, so that should be a little treat. Any recs. on things to do in Tacoma on a Sunday morning/early afternoon, before we go back down to Portland?

Sunny with French Toast, chance of gardening.

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, I hope it stays that way into a beautiful Sunday day. Yesterday when DLJ was out he got cinnamon bread at the Beaverton Bakery, that means it’s a French Toast day today. He is the chef in this house when it comes to pancakes and french toast.

We went to a nursery on Friday and got some good plant starts, and I picked up some seeds while doing my volunteer hours at the Recycled Gardens, so today we should be getting some things in the ground and hoping they take. I’d also like to take a slow walk. Both of us are getting over being a little sick, so it’s more of a stroll than a true walk for exercise.

Last night I had dreams about setting up a show and having a garage sale at the same time…. my show in May is just around the corner, so I need to get cracking on this stuff, clearly. I am not sure what the garage sale part of the dream represents.

I got a press used while at Tucson, so for a very good price.

Ruby Rock

It comes in three sizes, this was the middle one, but I can’t remember the millimeters across right now.

I’m also messing with electroforming now, which is applying metals directly to the bead. It’s not exactly bronzing baby shoes, but it’s a vaguely similar idea:

Busy as a glass bee.

My belly is about halfway cooked now, in terms of the little boy (yep, boy) inside. It’s kinda big, and it kinda scares me to think it’s only halfway done!