Sunny with French Toast, chance of gardening.

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, I hope it stays that way into a beautiful Sunday day. Yesterday when DLJ was out he got cinnamon bread at the Beaverton Bakery, that means it’s a French Toast day today. He is the chef in this house when it comes to pancakes and french toast.

We went to a nursery on Friday and got some good plant starts, and I picked up some seeds while doing my volunteer hours at the Recycled Gardens, so today we should be getting some things in the ground and hoping they take. I’d also like to take a slow walk. Both of us are getting over being a little sick, so it’s more of a stroll than a true walk for exercise.

Last night I had dreams about setting up a show and having a garage sale at the same time…. my show in May is just around the corner, so I need to get cracking on this stuff, clearly. I am not sure what the garage sale part of the dream represents.

I got a press used while at Tucson, so for a very good price.

Ruby Rock

It comes in three sizes, this was the middle one, but I can’t remember the millimeters across right now.

I’m also messing with electroforming now, which is applying metals directly to the bead. It’s not exactly bronzing baby shoes, but it’s a vaguely similar idea:

Busy as a glass bee.

My belly is about halfway cooked now, in terms of the little boy (yep, boy) inside. It’s kinda big, and it kinda scares me to think it’s only halfway done!

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