It is a slow day today, but I am getting things done.

Some computer work, a new catloaf for Anais to eat, lunch for me. I will make some beads this afternoon and go for a walk for exercise. And do a load of light laundry. DLJ has a user’s group tonight in downtown Portland so it’s a night alone till he arrives. Tomorrow is our second Birthing From Within Class, and it’s Dad night, the instructor said she had some Daddy info on deck, so that should be good for DLJ.

It’s cloudy, I’d like a sunny day but it’s better for the garden this way. I need to have some salad for dinner to keep up with our lettuce down there, it’s growing so well. I am looking forward to the broccoli!

I should clean off this desk.

And get out of my pyjama bottoms! I need to drop some stuff off at the recycling center sometime this week as well, to clear out the garage a little more.
I am definitely looking forward to my walk later. I try to walk everyday with DLJ or R., a friend who is also pregnant. I enjoy my time with her very much, I hope once we both have our kidlets we can continue the walking.

2 thoughts on “molasses

  1. p.s. we are in the process of hiring one of those heavy lift helicopters to take your parcel to the post office.

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