I know, I have been. I have been busy. Mom came to visit, in-laws arrived the day before she left…

Things have been hectic but should slow down now.  It’s very warm today, a nice day to be not doing much of anything. DLJ took the day off to say goodbye to his parents, now they are gone and it’s too hot to do much until the cool of the evening sashays in.

Time to start making more beads, both for sale now and for inventory the first months with the kidlet around until I figure out how it’s all going to work. I just won’t know until I get there how I will arrange everything…so might as well play now with fire while I can with no one wanting anything from me. It’s almost third trimester time. I am feeling better about being Mom, not that I ever felt BADLY…I’m just adjusting. Less moments of ambivalence….but I do still lament how I am about to lose so much of my alone time, something I really enjoy.

One thought on “Quiet

  1. We did about this on the adoption course… and I think we are talking about it next week – how we see our life changing. How we feel about that.

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