Done by the heat of the day.

It’s supposed to get very warm today, and I have done all my “hot” tasks already, before 1 pm!

I made a bunch of strawberry jam today, using the pressure canner, from a flat of berries I bought at a farm a few miles away.  There are still plenty of berries left for ice cream, for DLJ’s smoothies, and snacking, and some to freeze for later in the year. The jars of jam are cooling now on the counter. I also put lasagna in the oven about 10 minutes ago, for dinner tonight and later in the week. The day gets warmest around here in the afternoon, so I am glad to have these things done before it starts really heating up. All that is left today is two short errands, and some writing. I will tackle the errands when the lasagna comes out, writing can be done after that.

Time is ticking down to the baby arriving! I am learning a lot from some books and friends, and am feeling confident…but also very aware I know so little. When this little guy starts getting smart, it’s going to be a lot of work, parenting, but I can also see how it can be very fulfilling to meet the challenges of not being manipulated and also helping the little guy have good confidence and self esteem. It’s going to be a bunch of trial and error, that is for sure!

Time to go lay down and take a break with a book, until the lasagna is done cooking. I am just so glad I got all the hot work done early today!

Another long day by myself…

DLJ is making another day-long trip to Bend, so he won’t be in chat to say hi a lot throughout the day.

Last night was our last birth class, and it was really fun, we had a potluck, and the guys surprised the girls with a foot massage in water. DLJ brought lots of rose petals from our garden and shared them with the guys so all of us pregnant moms-to-be could have rose scented water.

Our teacher is going to try to put together a get together for all of us at the end of summer so we can all see each other again after the babies are here. I hope that happens, you get to know the classmates and want to see how it all turned out for each of them!

I have a lot of beads to send out today, and then I sort of feel like running some errands in Portland proper, but I am not sure yet.

DLJ will be home too late for dinner, so I don’t have to cook tonight other than for myself. Something simple out of the freezer, as I have been spending the week emptying it of old leftovers to make room for frozen meals once the baby comes. One thing we learned last night was a way to make a food wheel to have friends help us with frozen meals. Between that and my mother, who plans to cook extra amounts of things when they arrive at the coast next week, we should have a good amount of easy to heat up food for those first weeks.

So….it’s 8 am. I could get some more sleep, but I think I will save that for a nap later. I guess I will do those errands today and get them out of the way, do some cleaning and get the beads in the mail. Not sure if I will torch today, if not, then definitely tomorrow.

I like my empty space…it’s strange to think it will be gone soon. But I know what fills it will be a wonderful thing indeed…but it’s still strange to think about.

Preggo Brain.

If the calendar says the massage appt. is at 1:30, don’t go at 11:30 and sit around waiting.

I got to read up on my magazines for a about 15 min till I realized my mistake…I will go back in an hour to get my massage at the correct time.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with a Mom’s group, but I need to call to get the address for the event I am going to. Really should do that right after this post so I know it gets done!

Tonight is birthing class night #4. I expect to be more informed, more anticipating, and more hit with the gravity of this huge event afterwards, like I am every week.

I have a bunch of beads to send out today. Tomorrow is packing for camping, buying the perishable ingredients, and making some beads that have been ordered. I don’t think I will get to them today. Camping! Our last trip, I think, other than maybe going to the coast, which we meant to do again before my parents arrived, but we probably won’t. Still, when the heat of summer arrives, if any of it coincides with a weekend and it’s not right around due date, a weekend at the ocean will be very nice, we are fortunate to have it to escape to.
I’ve been doing my pelvic stretches to help the little guy get into position, but it’s really hard to NOT sit in the way you aren’t supposed to in these weeks. No bucket seats, which means riding in cars is not a good thing. I do sit on the exercise ball downstairs when hanging out with DLJ, and my desk chair is set so my knees are lower than my hips…but there’s nothing much I can do about the car seats. I will just try to consolidate my errands even more than I already do.

Today is Ankimo’s 11th birthday. She’s a strange cat who doesn’t like meat, canned cat food, or treats, so there isn’t much I can do on her special day other than give her lots of love…so that is what I am doing. Pets are like infants…they don’t need tons of stuff…just love and attention. =)
After the massage I will pre-make dinner for after class, and make the fruit salad to bring with me as our snack during class. I will do my pain management practice and take a quick walk, hopefully…but all of that is a lot to cram in about 2 hours. Before I leave I should get those beads in the mail, so I must sign off for now.