Mondays are always busy, but it is nice to start the week feeling productive, for the time being. This will change with the arrival of the kidlet, I know he won’t be up to the marathon shopping I do. I will start breaking it up into two smaller chunks once he’s around.

So, today, Winco and New Seasons, and Trader Joe’s. Library. Before I do any of that I will have a nice decaf in the sun at Ava and read my book, so I will get dressed and leave for that shortly.

Also today is dropping off things at UPS, some beads in the regular mail, making a few things in the studio, making a quiche, and some web work if I still have the time/energy. If not I can do the web stuff tomorrow, along with a midwife appt., doula meeting, hopefully swimming. Wed. Mom comes to help clean out the fridge/freezer and a trip to Ikea with DLJ to get our crib, hopefully. My cousin swears by one of theirs, she replaced it with her second kid and regretted it.

Thursday, more studio and web stuff, and laundry. What a week!

Right now it’s a lovely sunny Monday, so I will soon go soak up a small piece of it while organizing the shopping/drop off errands for the day!


With my crazy pregnant mood swings, there’s a few thing that consistently have made me happy the past couple weeks:

DLJ (he is being a really great guy thru all this, supporting, calling me a “hot mama” and just being really understanding.

Rain. I love it right now. Maybe it is because it normally doesn’t rain this time of year…but right now there is a slow drizzle and every day it does this I just sit and watch.

Swimming. It makes me feel so good afterwards. The lack of gravity is great, the exercise is nice, and I just feel uplifted each time.

Less than a month to go.

Boathouse pasta bound.

So in 2004, somewhere, I came across a recipe called Dale Chihuly’s Boathouse Pasta Sauce.

I knew who he was in 2004, but barely, I was just about to take my first lampworking class ever. I printed it out, made the recipe, and it was darn good! Tasty!

Then I promptly lost it. I even wrote Dale’s PR wing to ask if they had a clue, and the nice woman wrote back what she believed was in it, but with no amounts, no true recipe. It was better than nothing, but I was so peeved that I had lost it. I went through all my recipe files, checked all my online places where maybe it would have originally appeared, nothing.

I just found it on the bookshelf in my old office, soon to be kidlet’s room. I’m going to immediately put it in a very safe place after making a few copies. Sheesh. I can’t believe I FOUND it. I haven’t made it for 3 years and have been wanting to all that time!!!

What a maroon.


I’m a shadow of who I used to be online. This does not usually bug me. But right now I am reaching out trying to find new people, a new tribe. Not all of the old ones do I want to let go of, but I have let go of many.

The Internet won’t bring me the new ones. I need to find my new circles, but I am not sure where they are drawn. So in the empty stillness where the spaces are waiting, I realize how far I have left people that I didn’t want to leave, merely by moving away in space. But I am not sure I can even get back to them anymore. The distance does not make it meaningless…but the connections would only be blips, not eyes looking into eyes. Right now I need eyes and faces.


Today it is to get near 100, if not 100. We have no AC. This is normally not  a problem, but when I’m pregnant, it might be a little trying.

I’m under a large ceiling fan right now, having just woke up from a late morning nap ( I have not been sleeping perfectly so I need these to stay sane and non-sleep deprived).

I watered everyone in the garden, have shut all the windows and closed all the blinds. The door to the attic is open for that last place for hot air to escape to. I have water, fans, and will go swimming in the afternoon with a friend to keep cool.

Time to make sure all the cats are in and happy.

I had a midwife appointment yesterday and I’m almost at 35 weeks and doing fine.

=) Sorry I have been so sparse, but I have been just…spending a lot of time alone, since I won’t have it like this…ever again. =)