Boathouse pasta bound.

So in 2004, somewhere, I came across a recipe called Dale Chihuly’s Boathouse Pasta Sauce.

I knew who he was in 2004, but barely, I was just about to take my first lampworking class ever. I printed it out, made the recipe, and it was darn good! Tasty!

Then I promptly lost it. I even wrote Dale’s PR wing to ask if they had a clue, and the nice woman wrote back what she believed was in it, but with no amounts, no true recipe. It was better than nothing, but I was so peeved that I had lost it. I went through all my recipe files, checked all my online places where maybe it would have originally appeared, nothing.

I just found it on the bookshelf in my old office, soon to be kidlet’s room. I’m going to immediately put it in a very safe place after making a few copies. Sheesh. I can’t believe I FOUND it. I haven’t made it for 3 years and have been wanting to all that time!!!

What a maroon.

4 thoughts on “Boathouse pasta bound.

  1. oh my gosh! I remember you posting about this like a year ago when you were jonesing for some and hoping someone might have the recipe! So are you gonna share this recipe with us or not?

  2. When I came into the lounge last night Wendy was giggling like a little girl…

    “Whats so funny?”

    “Have you seen the latest post on Lunesse’s blog?”


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