Mondays are always busy, but it is nice to start the week feeling productive, for the time being. This will change with the arrival of the kidlet, I know he won’t be up to the marathon shopping I do. I will start breaking it up into two smaller chunks once he’s around.

So, today, Winco and New Seasons, and Trader Joe’s. Library. Before I do any of that I will have a nice decaf in the sun at Ava and read my book, so I will get dressed and leave for that shortly.

Also today is dropping off things at UPS, some beads in the regular mail, making a few things in the studio, making a quiche, and some web work if I still have the time/energy. If not I can do the web stuff tomorrow, along with a midwife appt., doula meeting, hopefully swimming. Wed. Mom comes to help clean out the fridge/freezer and a trip to Ikea with DLJ to get our crib, hopefully. My cousin swears by one of theirs, she replaced it with her second kid and regretted it.

Thursday, more studio and web stuff, and laundry. What a week!

Right now it’s a lovely sunny Monday, so I will soon go soak up a small piece of it while organizing the shopping/drop off errands for the day!

One thought on “Monday-licious

  1. And here I was thinking I was busy… saying that, I am ironing clothes this evening to wear tomorrow night – while also washing clothes for work in the morning, which I will wear tomorrow.

    God knows what it will be like when the adoption goes through… I just wish I had your drive! :)

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