Back in the Hospital Again.

Since time is scarce, doing this from a shared chat with a friend:
merujo: How’s it shaking with the wee Derek?
lunesse2: humph
lunesse2: two  nights ago my calves  hurt
lunesse2: i called yesterday to tell the midwife that
lunesse2: I spent last night in the ER for 4 hours by myself
lunesse2: because I refused to let Derek go in there
merujo: No way!
lunesse2: so i was seperated from him and don
lunesse2: midwife thought I should
lunesse2: it felt like pulled muscles
lunesse2: but clots and thrombosis have greatly heightened odds post pregnant, and then post cesaeran
merujo: Right — that’s just what I was thinking, too.
lunesse2: my parents drove in fro the coast and Dad shuttled my pumped mulk back and forth for derek from the ER
lunesse2: it wasnt enough, he was still very  hungry
merujo: Awwww
lunesse2: but it saved us from using formula
lunesse2: I was a wreck
lunesse2: and of course
lunesse2: my legs are fine
lunesse2: im doing too much
merujo: Awww, Luny. Did they determine what the deal was?
lunesse2: climbing the stairs too much
merujo: Heh.
merujo: Murphy’s Law. Of course.
merujo: Ya poor thing!
lunesse2: better that than the bad alternative but
lunesse2: it was a trying evening
lunesse2: tho mom and dad thanked me for the excuse to see Derek again
merujo:  Good grandparents. 
merujo: You must just be beat today.

I got home around 9-10 last night, and scored some new mesh panties in the deal (you wear them post pregnancy for a bit in the hospital, and they help me with my recovery to my body so I still wear them, as all my old  underwear is too tight when I have stitches.)
Today, the postpartum meeting with the doula, getting another Miracle blanket (they are swaddling HEAVEN), and resting. The calves were me doing too much. So I have to slow down. It’s really hard to not just be me again, I feel so light and small. In a week I have lost 18 pounds and I want to get out there! =)

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