Crosseyed Baby

So, Derek has arrived. World, meet Derek. Derek, meet world. I am very tired but so in love.

Especially because he is off to a good start at being as strange as his Mom. =)

More about his arrival when things calm down. It is amazing to me, to see this little guy who lived inside me for so long!

14 thoughts on “Crosseyed Baby

  1. We are SOOOOO happy for you and send love and hugs and a big kiss for Derek. Expecting to see you pop up online at odd times of day (for us) and night (for you) when Derek decides he doesn’t feel like sleeping.

  2. I don’t know what to write. I guess I should have thought about what I wanted to write a long time ago – but then you don’t because you worry that if you plan anything in advance too much, something will go wrong, and you kind of have all your fingers and toes secretly crossed…

    To quote a british expression who’s origin is even lost on the british… “absolutely chuffed to little mint balls”.

  3. =)

    I can’t wait to here about the day your new little one(s) come home.

    It’s pretty amazing, even a suspicious, guarded woman like me can so easily melt.

    I still know it won’t be all fabulous, but the love factor changes everything.

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  5. Whoo-hooo!!

    Congtrats to you and your family.

    Isn’t it weird to be a parent? Isn’t is fantastic!

    ‘Very happy for you!

  6. Awww, Derek is adorable! He looks like a little alien-baby.
    I used to be one of those myself… ;^)

    Best wishes and hopes that you and Derek and Derek’s Dad get
    lots of sleep as soon as possible,

    Kara {my “kids” are a cockatiel and a budgie, both albino.
    The cockatiel, Sugar, used to get night-frights…at about
    4:30 a.m.!! So, first I’d have to find her where she’d flown
    to in the dark, then it’d take half an hour to calm her down!}

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