I realize….

I never told you about the birth. Longer later, quick now:

Hopes: natural birth, medication free, intervention free.

Reality: 14-16 hours natural labor, unmedicated.  At 16 hours I can no longer help, I have the shakes and midwife discovers Derek is slightly turned the wrong way. I surrender to the epidural. Fever arrives, I go on antibiotics due to uterine infection.

at 19 hours, pitocin levels rise and Derek has now turned himself 180 the wrong way, his front facing my front. Midwife turns him twice, he turns back. Shakes really bad. At 24 hours, with no dilation progress, or any other sort after 5 hours, emergency c-section.

Gonna talk to him about all this someday. Naughty.

4 thoughts on “I realize….

  1. Wow. best laid plans and all that. The end result justified the means I say.

    There’s no mistaking who his mommy is!!
    What a cracking little guy he is. When I looked into the eyes of my children as babies and wondered what and who they would become it was amazing. I would love to have that again, just one more time.

    Enjoy this bit because it doesn’t last long. When you put him down on the rug for now you can go away a do something and know that he will be there when you get back. Before you know you won’t be able to turn your back for a micro-second! That’s a fun time too but in a *different* way.

    The phases are so wonderfully different. You lucky things have all that stuff to look forward too and for the first time too.

    Wonderful fellow! Well done!

  2. You will remember every detail for as long as you live, and you will tear up every time. It’s an amazing moment in your life and I am very glad that you sound happy. He’s absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to meet him in person!

  3. Lovely Lady! Its been so long and your child is so big, and SOO cute! Congratulations on a hard job well done. Well, no done I guess, maybe another 20 years or so! Please email me! Its been too long! Hugs!

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