It really is hard to get anything done with a newborn, when you are supposed to sleep when he does!

We are surviving, learning. I need to nap because he is. DLJ goes out of TOWN next week OVERNIGHT for a night. I will be so nervous! Not that I cannot handle it, that is just a lot of baby time with no sanity break. But I have to learn sometime. Mom has been SO helpful, she leaves Saturday, I think. I gotta be able to do this myself. Him, I am learning, him plus somehow dinner being created and some vague level of laundry and housecleaning…oy. I have to learn to carry him in the Moby more, we just learned how yesterday to do it correctly.

3 thoughts on “Oof

  1. You can do it. Just trust yourself! I’m a single mom, by choice, and I’ve done it all by myself (with family help when I ask)so don’t worry! It gets easier, and more challenging, as they get older. My daughter is now 3. You’ll be amazed how quickly the time will pass. Cherish the “little lump” phase!!! Good luck

  2. You’d be amazed what you can do when you need to do it. My husband went back to work a week after our son was born. I did not have any family around to help. Believe me, when he’s older and walking around, you’ll wish he was the lump he is now. Just relax and don’t get too bothered by the chores. They’ll get done. All I remember was doing laundry practically every single night because Chris would spit up all the time. They certainly grow up fast!

  3. I dunno, I think when they are older they are more challenging, but way more interesting, and less dependent. What do I know, but….I am looking forward to being able to do more with Derek.

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